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Olivier Schulbaum

Platoniq. Creativity & Democracy
Palma de Mallorca
To mainstream the open logics for the social and common good, Olivier is working on a 3 way strategy that is channeling through and around Goteo, Opensource Crowdfunding platform, but well transcending its funding purpose.

1. Raising awareness: by surfacing and giving visibility to different kinds of projects that operate under the “open logic” to different extents, to showcase how this can be done and the kinds of collaborations and subsequent projects take off from here.

2. Recruiting entrepreneurs to join this open/shareable movement by helping them turn their initiatives into an open ADN: developing workshops to help entrepreneurs make their initiative more open/shareable/actionable and also showing how they can also benefit from other previous open initiatives that have been developed, benefiting from previous efforts, existing knowledge, etc.

3. Chanelling funding towards initiatives that contribute to the common good, free knowledge and open code through crowdfunding. The platform does not only channel funds but also skills and other resources in kind that are needed for the projects and available from the supporting community